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    Quote Originally Posted by kingmiracleman
    Is it possible for the OP to post a direct link to Elmore's rant? Was it something posted on his forums that requires registration to view? Who was the rant directed at, some random forum poster?

    On a side note, I just received my practical sword and self-defense flashlight in the mail the other day! After reading Elmore's books, I know I'll be safe on the mean streets of Plano, so long as I always keep my sword 'n torch handy!
    "Self defense flashlight"?

    Also, lol sword self-defense. I guess if you can pull off the "dapper chap" look, carrying around a (sword)cane is always an option? :ninjafigh

    [/sarcasm, since some people probably believe that]

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    Self-defense flashlight.
    Have you never heard of the infamous "Barbie Whistle Torch"?

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    I looked at his page
    does he live/work in the Buffalo NY area ? please say no
    He said he's studying JKD . say it aint so

    Tom Mac

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    Quote Originally Posted by HongKongFukYu
    Jesus Christ, did Phil actually write that? What a sociopath.

    EDIT: I meant psychopath. In all seriousness he reminds me of that fat guy that went shooting up Edgewater Tech in MA...I believe his name was "Mucko". Basically a fat pyschopath/sociopath that was obviously disturbed and angry. Really sad:

    Phil seems like a guy who would further enable that type of behavior in other fat angry white men. Not healthy.

    EDIT: Check out the pics...he just looks like a woolier version of Elmore:
    There is an uncanny likeness there, I can see where this is going

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