I went to Evolve Academy for two years, Did their Muay Thai and BJJ programs. Before that I did Kung Fu and TKD. Have to say Master Mike runs the school with MMA, modern mentality of grow learn and get better, use what is practical and what works, he is an awsome instructor, and had a profound impact on my martial arts journey. I had to leave to go to grad school, and now I live too far to commute out to Evolve, but I still miss it. He kept a lot of the traditional respect that you would get at an old Karate school, with a modern "Evolve" mentality. He also will ask you what your goals are and will be completely straight with you on what you need to do to achieve them. Some people would whisper that he was harsh, no he isn't, he just tells it like it is. Great for all levels, do the trial, you won't be disappointed. As far as the war between Yamasaki and Lloyd Irvin's schools, well I'm obviously bias.