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    Quote Originally Posted by Omega Scrooged Me
    Oh yeah, read further you're going to love it.

    So where was I? Oh yeah, so there was a local tournament coming up and I wanted to get ready for it (yeah it was sport karate stfu). I went to the tournament and our 'point sparring match' almost turned into a full contact match. As tempers flaired I was chewed out by the local TKD 'master' (really TSD but bear with me on this there's a pattern).

    The next month another TKD instructor came to one of my practices at a park we had moved to. My Sifu had told me to start teaching so I had grouped together a few students here and there from the college club. One of my students knew this instructor and invited him to practice. They wanted to do some 'friendly' sparring and I started to practice with all this instructors students. One incident had this guy go for a kick over my head. After he kicked I punched him in the face and a brawl almost insued. I asked what the problem was and he said I should've awknowledged the kick to my head. I told him he didn't make contact and he told me it was a focus shot. I told him if I thought it was going to hit my head I would've ducked. His instructor came over and took his side obviously and I bit my tongue. I told the instructor we should move to full contact.

    So we started up and one of his guys swept my leg. I got up and looked at the instructor "we're doing throws?"

    "Of course we're doing throws you said full contact and you can throw on the street".

    I looked at my student and wispered "Did you tell him I have a blackbelt in Judo?" My student shrugged.

    So we start again and I sweeped the guys foot. We stand back up and tries to tackle me and I do tomae nage on him (well modified, I forgot the official translates to bag toss). The next time we get up I do o goshi on him and we start on the ground and he starts hitting the back of my head. I looked up at the instructor and he doesn't do anything so I spin around and choke him out. He doesn't know about tapping so I let him go before he's completely out. I tell the instructor I've had enough and am ready to head home.

    The instructor brings me aside and tells me that most of the instructors in town think I'm fake that I gave myself a blackbelt. I look at him and say "You mean in Kung-fu?" and he replies "yes".

    I told him that technically their right we just adopted the belt system a few years ago. He told me that I needed to test for a blackbelt in front of a legit panel like they do in TKD then I do have a legit blackbelt in Judo if that would satisfy him. He said we weren't allowed to do that. I asked him why, citing that's how they did it in a few other styles and he denied it. I told him he was more than welcome to go argue his case to my sifu (s) if he had a problem with that but if anybody asks I'll let them know the same thing.

    (I'll insert that all that stuff happened years before the UFC)

    3 years later after getting interested in expanding into Kickboxing and then later Shootfighting I hooked up with a TKD school. Another friend of mine invited me to do some sparring and the Sa bu nim asked if I'd be interested in getting a TKD blackbelt. I said yes when I found out they also had a SAMBO group I could work out with. I proceeded to get my BB in TKD in 6 months time (Jeez those forms are easy). During my blackbelt test I was told to take it easy on the guest 2nd degrees that had shown up to test our sparring skills.

    Many years later I got caught up into the WTF TKD Olympic crap (yes I was a member of bullshido). I became a coach because I thought it'd be fun for the kids. I could have my mma on the side and still be able to keep the school open. We struggled at first but I finally found a Olympic style coach to come in and train the kids. He took me to my first event only to watch the biggest load of **** competition wise that I'd ever seen; a girl who cried her way to a win. The referees felt so sorry for this girl they ended up awarding her the win. Then I went to my next competition and watched all kinds of crap happen. I finally told the coach after the 3rd time that I'd had enough of the competitions and I'd rather focus on the mma training and grappling as well as the new system of Kung-fu I had come up with.

    We found a huge facility in the next city where we moved. The coach offered to take over the business end of the school so I could concentrate on promotions and fighters. Some of the kids had expressed to me they didn't like the WTF stuff and asked me to teach them the more practical stuff. I agreed to it only to have him try to hinder me. Then I watched as he promoted 2 kids to blackbelt that didn't deserve it and then pronounced them full blackbelts. He knew how I felt about that crap. I finally had enough and told him I was going to just leave and reopen my other studio. He locked me out of the gym, stole monies from me and then bad mouthed me to the other students. He did some many unscrupulous things it'd take another website just to document it all.

    We decided we had enough. No more TKD and we told any student that wanted to come with us that we were dropping the program. We picked up mma full time and kung-fu and moved into a small facility. After less than 6 months we were filled to capacity and found our current location cage and all.

    6 months ago Sirc, Cassius, and Anthony all watched as I shredded my TKD ID. 3 months ago I had a run in with another TKD instructor. I kept sending people who were interested in doing TKD to him and he yelled at them and said he didn't want anything to do with me or my gym. I went over there and told him to get his head out his fucking ass and stop acting like a punk. As I walked away he basically challenged me to a fight. I told him to grab the waiver for and I'd punk him in his own gym. He called the police. Gee, I wonder why?

    Why don't I do TKD anymore? This is a short version of my experiance with it. If it weren't for a few cool guys I've met over the years including DngrRuss1 I'd say TKD is **** and nobody should do it.
    1. The guy got pissed that you didn't acknowledge his head kick? What a douche. Strikes above the head followed by smugness are lame as hell. It would have been more awesome if he actually kicked you in your iron skull, and you still didn't acknowledge his kick.
    2. After you jud0wned a black belt, the instructor pulled you aside and questioned your black belt?

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    I started in TKD in January of 2000, was in it for about 2 years. During that time I was the epitomy of the martial arts noob, sinking further into Bruce Lee mythology and thinking that old kung fu movies were the textbooks of real fighting. I'd buy up every book I could get my hands on from used book stores, on topics ranging from ninjitsu, to weapons, to even chi kung.

    I'd go to class 5 days a week, training my ass off. One day at high school, I get with this guy who trained in Kung Fu - who I heard was a pretty tough guy, having competed in San Shou tournaments and such. We started a school club for martial arts, inviting all styles to come together and spar/train.

    This is where I learned I knew **** about fighting. At best, I was stuck practicing a sport. Sure it had some benefits, and some techniques that did work, but for the most part, what I was training and how it was trained wasn't cutting it. I sparred practitioners of MT, kung fu, and also got a taste of grappling, all which owned me pretty hard.

    I got caught up in delusions of grandeur, about how I'd change TKD to work, and how me and my assistant instructor would combat all forms of bullshido in TKD. But after a while, I just got in touch with reality and quit once I got to college.

    This is a great thread. I'd be willing to bet there's a ton of people who quit TKD who don't venture into this style forum... maybe we could move this to YMAS?

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    I don't know, I'd rather not turn it into a joke thread.

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    Hence the reason I didn't start in in YMAS.

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    Quote Originally Posted by EternalRage
    I got caught up in delusions of grandeur, about how I'd change TKD to work, and how me and my assistant instructor would combat all forms of bullshido in TKD. But after a while, I just got in touch with reality and quit once I got to college.
    You were doing it wrong.

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    Some excellent posts here. Thanks to Ronin74 and Omega and all....

    One can only do so much. I've had problems with various arts. My last attempt was to askl Prof Buell of Universal Kempo about his rule against grabbing (limbs or gi) during sparring - I was polite, but nevertheless coming from KK and other karate styles where grabbing was allowed, I know that the grabless stylists get grabbed by ME and don't have a clue of how to prevent it, just like the karate/grapplers I spar who do takedowns make candy out of standup fighters who've never had to face a shoot.

    Local TKD instructor is OK, but yells. A lot. Ex-military trained in Korea. Some Koreans (USU students and such) have trained here with him. He's pretty good, but the "drop and give me twenty" attitude gets real old.

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    I stopped training after I trained with the national team in korea for a few days and realized my school didn't cater to people who wanted to learn taekwondo, and it was just too embarressing to continue training there.
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    though it's not exactly why i "quit TKD"...

    i knew these young (20-30 yrs old) TKD assitant instructors through friends. They were like "yeah drop by our dojang anytime and let's train together".

    during my vacations, i decided (to save $) to not travel anywhere and just stay in town. So decided to give it a shot at TKD... (had trained as a kid).

    i knew that i didn't want to be a full TKD guy, but just the idea of training at a new school to see how they train/warm up/drill/spar was interesting for me, and i was ready to pay on a class per class basis. i was even ready to practice kata and just oblige to other TMA stuff.

    i go to the school (took me about an hour by bus and ****) and watched the kiddies train with the usual bullshity stance punches. but they still do look adorable and cute, so whatever.

    i began to talk with the Sabum (not the younger assistants). He obviously wants me to join fulltime. He asks about my background and i mention BJJ (still a white belt now...).

    His whole attitude changes. He turns his back on me as the kiddies class is over and the adults begin to warm up and stuff. i get excited to see my potentially future classmates. i wait politely at the counter... i wait and wait. then it became clear that he doesn't want me to train there. so i tell him that i'm leaving and go back home...

    and that's how i didn't get to train TKD.

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    I quit after I got my second degree. Why? I was bored out of my skull. All I really ended up doing was teach teach teach for the school owner and not get any training for myself.
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    Dojang politics, when your instructor is the same rank as you and teaches BS and you call it you dont seem welcomed any more. so now i stopped training TKD and moved onto to judo
    and im being taught by some very good instructors Sensei Hiram Cruz and Sensei John Fiege

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