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    Quote Originally Posted by Cracky McSlugHoot
    That doesn't make it less gay. Sydney Crosby is, I'm sorry, a far more elite athlete in a sport played by far more people. Couture is great, but he isn't God. Supporting the sport in contravention of common sense is ridiculous.

    **** you.
    Succinct, though voting for Sanjaya was the epitome of stupidity, and we are involved in a sport that has a large gay fan base.

    Had a slightly more polite, but nonetheless interesting conversation with friend the other day on the topic of athletic development, comparing JJ to Hockey.

    We dont have a lot of Jiu-Jitsu tournaments around here and we were comparing it to hockey. His son plays a game a week at 6 years old for the entire winter. Imagine what MMA would be like if there were a grass roots system for building the athletes from a young age. Wrestling isnt common enough up here, and the McDojo classes for kids do nothing to prepare them because they dont expose them to the competition environment.

    On balance, Sydney will likely get a few more athletic awards in his future then the rest of us can imagine.
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    64.7 thanks to my second vote! I went ahead and voted once for you to cracky.

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    Down just a bit to 63.4%, but he is kicking butt.

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