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    I was contacted via Facebook last night by someone who went to high school with Gus Kaparos and trained with him at "Silent Flute", a Long Island Japanese style Jiu Jitsu academy where Gus claims to have earned one of his black belts.

    This is the first PM he sent me

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    I answered him, saying probably nothing would surprise me at this point and explaining the essential issues I had (1) he lied about when he met my teacher (2) has spread misinformation about my teacher and his style (3) went out of his way to talk about me on Gene Ching's forum and (4) is teaching stuff he is making up and calling it Chan Tai San's kung fu. He responded to me this morning thus

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    In case it is not clear, the fight Gus describes in his Sinovision interview, in which he and a bunch of friends were jumped and he fought them off, impressing people and launching his teaching career in fact is a manipulation of an event in which Gus "froze" and this person did the actual fighting

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    I found this forum by googling, because I'm looking for a place for me and my daughter to get back into training, we are on Long Island. And I come upon this. I'm more karate but was looking at some Kung Fu places, wanted to make sure what I was getting into. THe thing is I probably WON'T go to Green Cloud because it's too far south of me. But...

    NY Sanda, I don't know you or Gus Kaporos. However I couldn't help noticing the dates on all of these posts. You have been after this one guy for EIGHT YEARS. Who has that much time in life to spend trying to ruin another person?

    We have all been wronged, we have all been taken in by someone here or there in life. So you think this guy is a fraud. Could be. Is it worth you spending this much time and energy? I've seen you putting up countless other pages trying to dismantle this one dojo. Seriously, how much time do you have? I've seen your comments on their Yelp and other pages like that. (Yes, I can tell they are all you, because they all make the exact same spelling mistakes even under different user names.)

    This kind of rage? Is going to give you a heart attack. Furthrmore, are you a martial arts teacher? Because I would never want to train under someone who lives for their vendetta. It really seems like this is your primary obsession and you would rather talk about this one guy you hate, rather than just build up your own school, and train harder. And have a better set of students, better classes, better LIFE, and more peace in your life.

    I am not kidding when I tell you that life is short. My husband fought cancer in his 40's and we are constantly afraid of it coming back. Life is SHORT, and you are wasting yours by spending YEARS trying to bring down someone else, someone you feel wronged you. How are you not over this yet?

    This kind of hate and obsession is not Bushido. It's not healthy, it's not martial arts, and it's not The Way.

    Seriously man. EIGHT YEARS OF YOUR LIFE right here.

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    IMO putting your students' lives at risk with made-up material for the sake of profit is extremely unethical, but that's just like, my opinion man.

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