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    Quote Originally Posted by jackrusher
    That's funny -- my squats have always been stronger than my DLs. I think it might have something to do with my having a long torso and short legs (probably do better at sumo DLs).
    Long torso and short legs definitely isn't the ideal deadlift build, but if you actually squat more than you deadlift you either aren't deadlifting right, aren't squatting right, or have a serious imbalance somewhere.
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    Quote Originally Posted by fatherdog
    have a serious imbalance somewhere.
    No doubt. The long torso/short leg thing is combined with super-tight hamstrings and some arthritis in my lower back that reduces the natural curve and mobility of my lumbar spine from my sacrum to L2 or so. This is one of the reasons I'm moving up to 1.5 hours/day of hot yoga...
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