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    I'm sure a lot of us take for granted our youth, strength, or our assumed invincibility. It's devastating when we finally figure it out, albeit a little too late.

    Frankly, it takes a special kind of person to persevere through pain, but it takes real courage to try to regain something that you've lost.

    That's all I have to say.

    Oh, and Aussies have sex with sheep.

    Alright that's all.

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    Er. Thanks, Mas.

    But we call it 'lovemaking'. 'Sex' is such a vulgar word for the sublime fusion of souls.
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    A thorougly sobering Read. Thank you.

    This may be something or nothing...A training partner - originally from Melbourne - and 60years of age, very fit, runs long distances in London, BB 2nd Dan, hard Warm-Up enthusiast, had a Heart Attack on Boxing Day (26 Dec 07) and 2 days later, a Stroke. Apparently when you have the first, doctors expect the second to follow quite quickly.

    To us, this sounded like devastating news. We were then told that he was manically trying to exercise whilst in the hospital, Press Ups, Sit Ups. Upon being told this, my jaw dropped in amazement. The doctors and nurses were urging him to REST because he was SICK.

    We were also told that he had difficulty communicating as Speech areas were affected by the Stroke, physical paralysis of arm and leg etc. Astonishingly, he came back to training in March. FFS. To my ears, he had largely regained his faculty for speaking (trips up over some words) and some paralysis of foot and hand, so we did some Kobudo training to support the Occupational Therapy thingy he's been doing and reinforce his recovery of coordination. (BTW, he's always confused Left and Right (partial dyslexia) but I was, previously, able to Throw him as a counter from a Right Hand Punch even though we were doing LEFT Hand punch counters at the time.....)

    Last week, to my utter amazement, he was being thrown by a Shodan.

    Point being that his (to my untutored eye) amazing recovery to date seems largely attributable to his underlying high level of fitness. He may also have been lucky but that's for the Medicos to quantify. Personally, I would have thought myself "finished" but I never doubted he would be back, I'm just surprised it's so very soon.

    I know it does not compare "like with like" and reading of your Neck injury makes me feel grateful for my relative Well being. It must be constant pain. Anyway, I just thought this little cameo (it's all true) might give you a Lift. Keep going and best wishes for a full return. Who knows? Perhaps you'll turn your Head suddenly and the disc will re-seat itself correctly? Here's hoping for you.

    Best Regards

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