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    Quote Originally Posted by Errant108
    I hope he had that officer's badge. His named has been sullied publicly.
    That's what sad about this whole thing. An infraction or lack of judgement does not make a person a criminal. Cops have discretionary power in such situations, and they chose to **** this guy up completely.

    Quote Originally Posted by Razamataz
    Would you turn $30-40 for sex? Let me tell you, that's fucking cheap!
    It would actually creep me out if a woman comes to me while I'm stopping my car at an intersection and tells me she's gonna give me a blowjob that cheaply. Two things would go through my head:

    1. Where the hell has that mouth been?
    2. My weewee is ugly, wringled and hairy, but it's healthy and it's the only one I got!!!
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    "Edit: Would you have said that if he was accused of child molestation?"

    IMO theres a pretty big difference between consensual sex for money and raping children.
    Quote Originally Posted by sochin101
    Dude, whassup? Did they freeze your dick then accidentally use it to cool down a thimble full of water? Or, did you mis-spell crayonist? You know, the guy who makes sure the wax crayons you use aren't too sharp in case you decide to do the decent thing and kill yourself.
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    Well I understand that when you are talking about very desperate prostitues the prices go down to 20-40 bucks.
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    I think the term is crack or meth whore.

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    hmmm call the guy allready !!!

    I read the original article and his aquittal here recentally . Heard he was with Ernie Boggs for a spell then now he is not. went to a tourney in nitro wv and angie wollum as well as ernie had nothing good to say about the man . They were saying the guy was not even a black belt. yet his original Sensei ,David Eastwood was there who gave him the Black belt .Eastwood was saying nothing . Alot of pressure from the kings of karate if ernie boggs paints you as an enemy. hmmm
    I checked up a little on his school in madison.
    The man is a tad on the overweight side. but who is not at 45. ha
    He moves well. His self defense and application knowledge is realistic . He has black belts from other styles training with him. He has a sherrif deputy teaching at his school. the local law enforcement come and train with them, The parents trust him and from what I have saw he is the pied pipper to the kids. They LOVE him. I watched him teach and he is witty and can probably see how he could let his mouth get him trouble. He is Funny and gets the point across.
    after reading the article, I bet he would not have had the jumbo margarits that tomahawks offer and not talking to strangers doesn't seem to be in him. I asked one of the parents about the article an his arrest and they said two things. ,if you keep stirring the **** it keeps stinking and two, just watch him with the kids and make your own opinion.
    strangely,He has aligned himself with other black belts from ernie boggs school .scott dixon,tj bowling, elton hipple,jerry hackney ,scott layton and teddy malone.(all who have made an excodus of boggs school)
    I am gonna give the guy the nod. how many others would be shut down by this and not have the backbone to stick with the kids and try to make it right. I dont think I would have . my head would still be in the sand.
    So .... any questions call the guy. the article put his number in the paper for4 christs sake. It went to the charleston newspaper and that went to every person in the state. whew.!! bet he was the butt of a many joke for a while.
    Yet he is still there. hmmmmmmm

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    You a big James Joyce fan?

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    Ernie Boggs? KINGS OF KARATE?!?

    Do you even realize you're talking about West Virginia?!?

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    I dont quite get this. This should be his private business anyway....

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    Take a page from Eddie Murphy, I was just trying to help! Nobody clowns on him anymore, or Hugh Grant for that matter!

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    note from greg's daughter

    I am Greg's daughter. When this happened my mom made me and my brother stay up late an watch the news of him being arrested and made us look at the site of him at the regional jail.she then went to the schools were we go and talked to the teachers and principals about how he is such a bad an ddegenerate person. my mother and her new husband called the scouts , the church and had a woman named Christy Moreland talk to each person in his karate school and try to shut him down and she talked to a few of His employers and they fired him from jobs which he has had foe over 14 years. I refused to talk to him for 2 months. due to my mothers influence and my embarrassment of this.
    My mom then went to court and I was given freedom to not see him if I did not want to .I am twelve . I can barley make a decision about what to wear much less seeing someone who is my parent. At 12 we are embarrassed to have parents anyway.
    My dad stuck with me though and my brother stuck with him thru it all. I did not . not until christmas and fleetingly at that . until recently. I am ashamed of myself and ASHAMED of my mom for manipulating me , my dads employers , his social life , scouts THE COOURT SYSTEM AND THE COMMUNITY IN GENERAL,.:boxing:
    What i have found out is my dad is a remarkable man. he fought off all the gossip, the martial school who was trying to take over and my mom who was trying to ruin him and allmost succeeded. He was on the front page of one paper and page 5 of the state paper. he was about ruined and still managed to find a bright and funny side to all the stress he has been under. most of you smart assed people could not survive this. he told me a few things, he said" I should have not put myself in a position to embarass you all like this, and there has been one good thing out of this.... it is not often In a persons life when you find out who your true friends are, out of all the bad that has happened I have made some loyal friends and have been pressed from all sides and got to see what I was made of... very interesting ! So even though I am as guilty of jumping on the band wagon like the rest of you parasites, I realise I was wrong in my judgement, especiall after he was found not guilty. Sooo.. I offer this explanation and public apology. I wish my mom could as well:laughing1 ...

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