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    It does seem that if a boxer keeps his hands low he is either a phenom or about to get KTFO.

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    Generally a quick handed pure boxer, Pernell Whitaker comes to mind off hand, I had seen drop his hands several times during a bout with Azuma Nelson. Of course Whitaker had great side to side head movement, but guys like him are few and far between.

    Still not sure why Manny Stewart liked his guys to keep that left low. I heard one commentator call a shot an "anchor shot" when (I think) Milton McCrory rolled that left up and into a lead hand hook.

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    Punching from the hip is stupid. Your fist is out of alignment with your shoulder, thus making whatever punch you throw (face or body shot) a shitty arm punch.

    edit: and if you think you're supposed to throw body shots from the hip you need to fire your instructor.
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    having your hand by your hip also does wonders when you have a high kick steaming toward your head. and by wonder, i mean you'll wonder what happened.

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    Quote Originally Posted by btbl
    what is the major argument agains punching from the hip? i much prefer wing chun and boxing punches, but my friend believes that since the karate from hip punch travels longer it hits with more momentum. So why does everyone consider it uneffective?
    My experience of aikido is that if you want to know the value of a given technique, then you must practice to find it.

    Like anything else, it has it's place. If a BJJer stepped into a ring and dropped into guard half a ring away from his opponent, it wouldn't be a statement about the effectiveness of guard, but the foolishness of the fighter. It's the same with the punch from the hip that I see in Yoshokai and Yoshinkan aikido as well as traditional has a place.

    I imagine the best route is to discover what the puzzle piece looks like and then, if you think it has a place, fit it into your technique.

    For me, I believe the application of principles contained within the punch from the hip is genius and far reaching. In and of itself, it's quite amazing. However, although I haven't pursued it seriously, I can see the essence of martial arts--every throw of aikido and judo-- in this punch which, for me, was a doorway into understanding.

    Then again, I have to ask "Did I come to understand some things and then apply them to this stirke?" or was it the other way around? I think it was bokken strikes that gave me a clue. Then wondering if some of those principles applied to this strike. They did...which exposed other ideas that helped my bokken strike...

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    How 'bout "No."
    "No. Listen to me because I know what I'm talking about here." -- Hannibal

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