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    USA Tae Kwon Do is just one of the many TKD schools around in Wisconsin. The head Master Scott we've known since I was five. Before USA Tae Kwon Do, there was a place called Cho's TKD where he was one of the instructors and where my brother used to go. When that school closed down, he opened up the first USA Tae Kwon Do in hartland. Now, there's a total of three schools. The main one in Hartland, Sussex, and Wales Wisconsin. Wales is the smaller of all the schools and the one I usually go to, so most of my experiences are from there.
    The belt system goes white, high white, yellow, high yellow, green, high green, blue, high blue, red, high red, deputy black, black then all the degrees. To rank up, you have to get three stripes, to show that you've done your striking, takedown/grappling/escape from holds, and forms. Some of the instructors go soft on some people and give them their stripes pretty easily. Other instructors expect you have everything perfect before they give you a stripe.
    Our curriculum incorporates Tae Kwon Do (striking), Jiu-Jitsu (ground grappling), Hapkido (escape from holds and pressure points), and Judo (takedowns) together (TKD is main thing we practice though). According to our instructors, if you just know TKD, it's basically useless if they're grappling with you. If you just know Jiu-Jitsu, it's pretty useless if they're out of your range and you can't take them to the ground, so all four of these martial arts combined together complete a full circle of self-defense. But usually, you only learn JJ if you're in the adult class, or with one of the higher level belts.

    As for weapons, they teach us how to use the nunchucks, staff, sword, kamas, and the escrima stick. As they say it, the weapons are here for practice and you help you with concentration and focus, but it's not like you're going to be carrying the nunchucks or the kamas with you whereever you go. the weapons are taught about 3 days a week for about 10 minutes and what weapons they teach you how to use changes monthly.
    Sparring one of the best parts of the school. the older and more experience students have all the gear while most little kids and inexperienced people have to go buy them. If you don't have/forgot your gear, they'll usually put you against a person with a bag or an instructor that won't attack back. If you're more experienced, they'll put you with one of the more aggressive students or with black belts. One thing though, if it's a sparring day, try to avoid times where they have big classes, try to go for the small adult classes. Usually everybody has their gear, they're all aggressive, and they allow takedowns and grappling.
    The instructors are cool too. My main instructor is usually Instructor John Miller. He's a second degree black belt. He's the guy who will teach you everything on the curiculum and anything extra that he can add in, like instead of me learning just the 3 ways I'm supposed to know, he goes on and teaches me another 5 other ways that I can get out of certain bear hugs. He's also the type of instructor that won't give you a stripe for whatever until it's perfect. The head instructor, Master Scott is a seventh degree black belt, but according to my other instructors, has to wait eight years till he can try to go for testing.
    If there's one thing about the school I don't like, it's the price. It's f**king high. And it's 50 dollars for every testing (unless you fail one, then the first retest is free, second is 25, third, you need to go study it again). It's completely ridiculous.
    Also, I feel like Master Scott is pusing the school into a mcdojo, which I hope isn't going to happen.
    Overall verdict, it's a good school. If you can afford it, then I say go for it. You can make a lot of friends there, and learn alot of valuable stuff. But the price sucks ass though.

    P.S, sorry I don't have the the exact price of the school. I have to check to find the exact amount, it's been a while since I last checked.
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