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    Quote Originally Posted by rw4th
    I wouldn't say easier ....
    Easier to fit into a busy schedule, that is.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cyril
    Easier to fit into a busy schedule, that is.
    That I'll agree to.

    Running 5 or 10k never made me want to throw up ;)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Alex
    yeah ditch the long runs and take up interval training. wind sprints etc. roadwork is outdated and ineffective for the most part.

    what is your lifting regime like? also, you could probably do more sparring. couple times a week.
    As an aside, I'm in good shape right now, to the point where I feel like I can perform most workouts at a reasonable level of intensity or resistance.

    My lifting right now consists of the following:

    5 days per week.
    Alternate days between...

    1) Abs and legs
    2) Upper body

    Abs and legs days consist of 4 leg exercises circuited into 4 ab exercises, and they're paired with each other. So, I'll do one circuit that consists of 1 ab and 1 leg, then move onto the next pair.

    Upper body consists of 3 exercises each of chest, back, and shoulders, grouped similarly to the abs and legs, and circuits. So, the first circuit is one chest, one back, and one shoulders, then move onto the next circuit.

    Lastly, each time I do an exercise (or a circuit), I do 3 sets of that exercise, 10 reps per set, and depending on the exercise, I might increase the weight every set.

    So, here's an example:

    The first circuit of upper body will consist of chest press, pull-ups, and lateral/front dumbell raises. I'll start with the chest press and rotate through the entire circuit 3 times. When I'm done, I'll move onto the next circuit.

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