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    Great answer...

    Quote Originally Posted by eyebeams
    For cardio, to play with kicks and because the club I go to has nice folks.
    Wow, an honest, self effacing answer. Today I attended a Sambo seminar on weapon disarmament hosted by a TKD school, they had no real heavy bags, but they had the traditional TKD stiking dummy, I think I broke it with a hook punch, it's little head wouldn't get up, much to the dismay of the school owner. Darn thing couldn't take a left hook from a 140 lbs wimp.

    I always believed it is the artist and not the art, yea, I have met some pretty lame TKD guys, and some less than fierce Kempo guys, but I have met great fighters in both arts as well.

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    That's easy, the taekwondo school in town is the only one that has a legit teacher. The other one is an over the phone black belt = P. A lot of people criticize tkd but thankfully I got an old school instructor that does it right.

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