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Ahhh I see. When I referred to using pipes, I wansn't really thinking about bending it, but using pipes and elbows to form a shape like this:

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****, apparently the page I linked in geocities exceeded its data transfer limit. Wimp ass geocities. I'm removing the link and the pics until I get a chance to archive that somewhere else.

.ie. these dudes have been playing with metal pipes as handles

Now, by the author's own admission, those handles may not be good anything heavy, but I wonder if pipes and elbows shaped as in stick figure above could work as handles buried in concrete.
what you showed looked good as handles as long a you realize that you are going to need a pipe cutter and threader... which are tools only plumbers really own... unless you are buying you pipes in standard sizes pre-threaded which will limit you ability to customize size/weight of the locks.

the elbows and pipe rig will effectively double to the cost of the weight (to about $10 ea).

just so you know...

I'm also going to dick around with trying to make cemment clubbells and stone balls soon...

I'll post up on how that works out

a note I should also make is that I used type S mortar for the cemment which can be dyed grey or terracotta for about $1 a weight.