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    Roswell Budokan

    A huge new beautiful Japanese style dojo.

    Martial arts activity is somewhat dominated by the Aikikai Aikido dojo on attendance and scheduling basis, but the Miki Judo club is also there and has a large attendance, as does BJJ. Aikido is 6 days a week, Judo and BJJ are twice a week. Schedules on the website are not accurate - call to confirm.

    Huge tatami mat surface - many thousands of square feet (5000?), can be divided in two with a mechanical drop wall for simultaneous Aikido, Judo, etc. Seperate room for Thai-chi yoga, and classrooms for the "cultural learning center" - Japanese language etc.

    I practice Aikido there and the training is second to none with multiple yondan level instructors. Almost always more than one black belt on the mat. Frequent large seminars, etc.

    The Iaido studied there is koryu Mugai-ryu. Note that authentic Mugai-ryu is very rare in the USA. The Iaido study group only practices once a week (knocked weapons down to 8). They are trying to bump it up to twice a week.

    The Miki Judo club under Tommy Miki seems to be one of the only good clubs in the area (show me another please) and is very well acclaimed with multiple black belts attending.

    I do not practice BJJ there, but the instructor is 4 stripe brown belt. And I have heard good things from his students.
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