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    Why Bruce Lee is a danger to us all...

    I had this conversation with a guy on AIM tonight... read... but I warn you DON'T EAT beforehand... I will not be responsible when you regurgitate it!

    TgrFly26 (10:49:50 PM): Hi
    TgrFly26 (10:50:14 PM): Hybrid XZ gave me your ScreenName. He says you are a WT guy?
    BRIANCOLDING (10:54:44 PM): what is a wt guy
    TgrFly26 (10:55:00 PM): Wing Tsun/Chun
    BRIANCOLDING (10:55:31 PM): yeah
    TgrFly26 (10:55:55 PM): How long?
    BRIANCOLDING (10:56:49 PM): roughly 19 with wing chun
    TgrFly26 (10:57:11 PM): Hybrid mentioned you studied for quite some time, what lineage do you study?
    BRIANCOLDING (10:57:37 PM): good question
    TgrFly26 (10:57:44 PM): "with Wing Chun" what else do you study?
    BRIANCOLDING (10:57:50 PM): i'll ask my teacher tommorrow
    BRIANCOLDING (10:58:19 PM): I've done so much for so long that I never really considered the ecclectic branches from which the respective styles sprabg
    BRIANCOLDING (10:58:21 PM): sprang
    BRIANCOLDING (10:59:28 PM): wing chun has been a base but not the only art i've studied
    BRIANCOLDING (10:59:40 PM): I've spent a lot of time on northern shaolin white crane
    TgrFly26 (11:00:40 PM): Well the main are "Leung" "wong", "Cheung", "Fong", "Ho", "Moy Yat" , "bostepe" "leung ting" (lineages for WC)
    TgrFly26 (11:00:44 PM): ahh, I see.
    BRIANCOLDING (11:00:57 PM): interesting
    TgrFly26 (11:01:13 PM): have you been at the same school for 19 years?
    BRIANCOLDING (11:01:48 PM): besides, when you have to hospitalize people with your skills you rarely consider the martial ancestry
    BRIANCOLDING (11:02:56 PM): school?
    BRIANCOLDING (11:03:01 PM): What school?
    TgrFly26 (11:03:27 PM): yeah, well there are some strong differences in the lineage and the lineage in most cases gives at least a small indicator (sometimes big) of the type of instruction you get.
    BRIANCOLDING (11:03:37 PM): Redford High school? NO I've only been teaching 6 years
    TgrFly26 (11:03:44 PM): WC school....
    TgrFly26 (11:04:04 PM): You teach WC?
    BRIANCOLDING (11:05:21 PM): No. English
    TgrFly26 (11:05:29 PM): ohhhhh ok
    BRIANCOLDING (11:07:01 PM): I have trained in WingChun, Karate-shotokan, Tae Kwon Do, Hop Kido, various Shaolin styles, Muy Thai, boxing, wrestling, judo, Ishunryu, Shin Jitsu, American Kenpo, Pajat Salat, Ihai, and a few other arts
    BRIANCOLDING (11:07:48 PM): It has been 23 years so far and all of my teachers have been particularly dangerous fighters who encouraged my refinement by fighting on the streets in ...uncomfortable situations
    TgrFly26 (11:09:07 PM): I see.
    BRIANCOLDING (11:09:27 PM): In recent times I have discarded much of the martial for the true pathway of the art
    BRIANCOLDING (11:09:55 PM): tell me...what do you know of chakras and psionic enhancement of Ka
    TgrFly26 (11:10:42 PM): like Chi?
    BRIANCOLDING (11:10:53 PM): yep
    BRIANCOLDING (11:11:10 PM): have you learned to manipulate the elements yet?
    BRIANCOLDING (11:11:39 PM): Have you learned to supress someone else's CHI/Ka
    TgrFly26 (11:12:02 PM): in Xingyi, the elements are movements that are practiced that teach us how to generate differing types power.
    BRIANCOLDING (11:12:49 PM): no. I mean fire, air, earth, and water. Havce you learned to displace nature?
    TgrFly26 (11:13:46 PM): Crossing/pounding/splitting/drilling/crushing. Each relates to a corresponding "element"
    TgrFly26 (11:14:17 PM): what is the name of your school, the one you train at?
    BRIANCOLDING (11:14:47 PM): I teach English in Redford.
    BRIANCOLDING (11:14:55 PM): What I have learned
    BRIANCOLDING (11:15:04 PM): and what I sek to learn more about
    TgrFly26 (11:15:10 PM): no, what is the name of your MARtial Arts school?
    BRIANCOLDING (11:15:20 PM): IS NOT taught in any school here in America
    BRIANCOLDING (11:15:50 PM): Have I trained with people in other schools/dojos? yes. Do I belong to any? No
    BRIANCOLDING (11:17:05 PM): I can ask my teachers what schools they trained in but the greatest influence on my spiritual journey came from actual conversation and philosophying with actual shaolin monks

    BRIANCOLDING (11:17:38 PM): I have no time for gis, trophies, tournaments. and the such
    TgrFly26 (11:18:01 PM): where did you meet the Shaolin monks?
    BRIANCOLDING (11:18:07 PM): I have hurt more people than slip and falls and I realized that the answers I seek CAN NOT be found in any punch or kick
    BRIANCOLDING (11:18:27 PM): Through travelling...various programs at U of M
    BRIANCOLDING (11:18:40 PM): and sometimes in some of the weirdest places
    BRIANCOLDING (11:18:51 PM): mostly through college
    BRIANCOLDING (11:19:21 PM): The school was always bringing someonehere from a reclusive foreign place
    BRIANCOLDING (11:19:31 PM): it was refrehing
    TgrFly26 (11:19:36 PM): interesting, and the monks taught you how to manipulate the elements?
    BRIANCOLDING (11:19:49 PM): most people wanted to talk about buddhism and kung-fu
    BRIANCOLDING (11:20:46 PM): several of them were more than willing to share their thoughts with someone who asked the right questions
    BRIANCOLDING (11:21:00 PM): it ain't hard
    BRIANCOLDING (11:22:12 PM): we have a hardcore western view of things but considering that i hate organized religion and was open to others concepts of God...I found my beliefs quickly changed
    BRIANCOLDING (11:24:16 PM): i asked one who identified himself as David about weight lifting and modern training. He said to use what i had at my disposal. He said the ancient didn't "lift weights" like us because they didn't have the same equipment
    BRIANCOLDING (11:24:41 PM): he assured me that if they had free weights and gyms they would use them
    TgrFly26 (11:25:29 PM): the chinese made weights out of stones etc. It is a common Ancient Chinese practice
    BRIANCOLDING (11:27:02 PM): I'm talking about the old argument about traditional training versus modern techniques
    BRIANCOLDING (11:27:21 PM): make weights or buy a membership
    TgrFly26 (11:27:51 PM): I never gave a thought to that "argument" because it isn't really an argument imo.
    BRIANCOLDING (11:28:15 PM): how old are you
    TgrFly26 (11:28:29 PM): 28 why do you ask?
    BRIANCOLDING (11:29:07 PM): have you interacted with artists who HATE lifting weights?
    BRIANCOLDING (11:29:34 PM): i have...often...and in a lot of places
    BRIANCOLDING (11:29:42 PM): over the years
    BRIANCOLDING (11:30:02 PM): they are where the argument came from
    BRIANCOLDING (11:30:26 PM): do you practice the art or have you been in life or death situations
    BRIANCOLDING (11:30:38 PM): involving your skills
    TgrFly26 (11:30:44 PM): no, I only associate myself with smart people quite honestly. I met one guy who didn't advocate lifting HEAVY weights, I showed him the error of his thoughts through science and that was the and of that.
    BRIANCOLDING (11:31:04 PM): There are a LOOOOOOT more of him out there
    TgrFly26 (11:31:39 PM): there may be, but not in the circles I am in. "serious training" people.
    BRIANCOLDING (11:32:11 PM): have you been in many life or death fighting situations
    TgrFly26 (11:32:30 PM): I know people who travel 2-4 hours to train with QUALITY instructors.
    TgrFly26 (11:32:36 PM): Yes, I have been in a few.
    BRIANCOLDING (11:32:46 PM): a few or a lot
    TgrFly26 (11:33:04 PM): however, I don't have a big mouth, therefore I don't NEED to be in life or death situations regularly.
    BRIANCOLDING (11:33:38 PM): Sometimes life dictates that you are thrust into them
    TgrFly26 (11:34:48 PM): not if you don't put yourself in them. If you hang out on the corner and yell at people, yeah. But I happen to be a respectable, professional. I don't usually go about looking for fights, tho I can and will kick ass if I am in a situation where it is necessary.
    BRIANCOLDING (11:34:54 PM): I'm trying to get a feel for whether you are the typical school guy who thinks that high-kicking means something or if you have refined your art through actual fighting
    BRIANCOLDING (11:35:13 PM): How about this
    BRIANCOLDING (11:35:21 PM): graduate from college
    BRIANCOLDING (11:35:28 PM): you get a job paying you **** wages
    BRIANCOLDING (11:35:43 PM): you NEED money just to pay back student oloans
    BRIANCOLDING (11:35:54 PM): you want to save for grad school
    BRIANCOLDING (11:36:04 PM): so you start being a body guard/bouncer
    BRIANCOLDING (11:36:16 PM): And situations happen
    BRIANCOLDING (11:36:54 PM): you see, I take no thrill in fighting and I have NO false notions about what I train for
    TgrFly26 (11:37:03 PM): um, I don't "kick high" and I am not a kid, who goes to a McDojo. I get quality instruction from a legitimate teacher. I have friends that bounce regularly, however they RARELY have to place their hands on people. because they use their brain before their brawn
    BRIANCOLDING (11:37:04 PM): training to hurt people and fighting is just that
    BRIANCOLDING (11:37:18 PM): that's why I stepped away from it and towards the ART
    BRIANCOLDING (11:38:02 PM): Why don't you take your sanctimonious behind to bounce and tell that crap to a bunch of 7 mile dogs who are drunk, well armed, and not listening to reason
    BRIANCOLDING (11:38:49 PM): I have no time for this chat-roomesque crap. I have to work in the morning
    BRIANCOLDING signed off at 11:38:51 PM.

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    I can't get through all that...can you give me the Cliff Note version...

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    umm....seems like you two were having two separate conversations. the guy is a serious nut case.

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    He started off well...sliped off in t he middle, than lost it in the end.

    WTH does he mean? I know guys that bouce and "lay hands" maybe once a month - if even that. He put his foot in his mouth. I can understand him wanting to be spiritual, but he shouldn't rely on that at al times. He seemed like the type to start **** then try to talk out of it when a fight was coming.
    Interesting. Where did this happen again?
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    OMFG!!! Hahahahahah!!!!!

    I only read the first ten lines.
    This guy is fucking great! What a super disjointed mind!

    He probably sucks at Wing Chun too!
    (Or Wing Tsun or Wing Tzun or Wing Tjun or Ving Tsun or Ving Chun or SHUT THE **** UP!!!!!)
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    damn, when i clicked this thread i was hoping to see something more along the lines of : because he will rise again and stalk the moonless night with his nunchaku.

    but heheheheheheh, that sure is funny, i wonder if hes ever been to the moons of jupiter lol

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    first of all i was also afraid of the reinstitution of a corporeal bruce lee making a gang of thigs to fight me unarmed...

    second i am almost surrounded by monks right now (really, in thei nternet cafe)...the only thing they are manipulating is the keyboards in front of them... sucks being on the other side of the world....
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    I cheated and only read the beginning and the end ... did the lunatic reference Bruce Lee at any point? Like, did he know him personally?

    (Frankly, that guy sounded like a real delusional twit; much like another guy on a forum I frequent who insisted he learned all he needed to know about fighting from "Street Fighter")

    It's not really Bruce's fault -- it's the fault of the people who only look at the end result of the punishment that Bruce put himself through, then think they can get that with a twice a week Kempo class at the Y.
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    Did I miss the Bruce Lee reference, I didn't see it ?

    The guy was talking about chi blasts, controlling the elements, and **** - thes stuff Lee made fun of 30 years ago and the stuff we make fun of now.
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    Oh can't?! Better cancel that membership. LoL!
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