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    Body weight training

    Hi, I'm new. I've been taking kickboxing for a good 2 years now. After a few months taking kick boxing I started to workout and I got good results in about 3 months. My training routine was heavy weight with low repetitions(for explosive power) I was about 145 pounds when I was doing that. Then I realized I was gaining too much muscle so I started doing light weights with high repetitions. I lost a few pounds by doing that. I just started a new routine last week with body weight exersizes. I do 160 pushups, 160 crunches, and 160 squats. I just have a question about the results, what kind of results do I get from doing that? Bye and best of luck to you all


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    You get some cardio benefits from doing bodyweight exercises fast but mostly its muscular endurance you get.

    This is VERY important for anyone in martial arts, it doesn't matter how strong you are if you can only use that strength for the first 15 seconds.

    I'm not sure why you'd worried about gaining too much muscle, unless you are trying to make a weight class to fight in the ring. Weight training for strength is also important.

    You could add chin ups, dips, and reverse pushups to your bodyweight routine.

    Any reason you have sets of 160 for everything ?
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    What FoM said......

    Also try leg raises on the dip apparatus thingy....
    I just ripped up my abs Monday....
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