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I went to a Kali group in my town to learn about knife-fighting, and discussed ideas with several of them and compared notes. A few things we discussed were not just cutting with the knives, but cutting realistically which sadly I've seen some sensei never teach or even bother to address. ...
I think the best thing I walked away from them with was that any technique, whatever it is, you should practice it with resistance and force because in the street you will be attacked like that. I respect anyone who can train with that mindset.

Just thinking is all.
It's a good thought - and one that has crossed my mind before now...
How can you defend yourself against a knife, when you haven't got a clue how they get used?...:icon_eek:

There's been many times in so called self defence, they demonstrate a block with someone using a knife - striking with a downward strike, telegraphing it like no tommorrow.

I have never seen or heard of anyone who is using a knife to attack and maim, that would be kind enough to let EVERYONE around them know of their intentions.