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    Choosing an FMA school

    I'm hoping to gain some insight into how to choose an FMA school, based on FMA style. This as an addition to going there for myself and getting to know the people running them of course :)

    There are two shools available to me locally. One Kali Sikaran school, IKAEF affiliated, and a WEKAF and Doce Pares Internatial affiliated arnis school teaching Doce Pares Multi-Style System. If I can be so bold to ask you to disregard that both the quality and content of the training almost wholly depends on the particular schools and the instructors, could you please enlighten me as to the differences between the styles/organisations if any?

    The Kali Sikaran school teaches Panantukan, Sikaran, Kadena de Mano, Stickfighting, Daga and Dumog. The Doce Pares "Multi-style system" I haven't read that much about.

    I have no particular background in MA at all, just looking for a way to keep fit and learn some self defence. FMA attracts me as it seems in many ways to be a whole system, and rather pragmatic striking art. I don't think the budo arts are for me, and I'm not sure going the other end with Krav Maga or something would quite suit me either. I've been boxing at my university for about half a year now, I've just started sparring properly. I'd like to keep boxing, and I'm looking to find a self defence system into which the striking I'm learning will fit.

    I'm taking test lessons at both schools in january, anything I should particularily look for that might help me make the best choice?

    Thanks for the attention, remember that you don't need a stick to beat the noob :toothy2:
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    I don't really think you can do to bad with either. Some key things that would kind of turn me away from any FMA school would be no sparring (or sparring with to much protection...ie. padded from head to toe while using padded sticks), half-ass technique being allowed (example would be poor fighting stances or weapon handling...look for lose grips when students are using weapons), and finally a negative attitude towards cross-training in other arts (I've seen this with a few FMA instructors and it always rubbed me the wrong way).

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    I agree with Stickhead. Either one would probably work out for you. With your boxing background the Kali Sikaran school might really appeal to you since they have Panantukan in their instruction. I am not overly familiar with The Doce Pares System, so I'm not sure what their open hand is like. I would suggest checking out both schools. Most schools that are any good will allow you to join in a class or two before throwing down any cash.


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