This is the mac daddy of the martial arts schools in Janesville, WI. The style taught here is kyuki do, a 50 years old art derived mainly from tae kwon do but with elements of judo and other arts thrown in for flavor. The instructor is a great guy and a reasonably good teacher.

-Great equipment. Thsi school has just about anything needed for martial arts instruction, from kicking sheilds to punching bags and everything in between.
- Good instruction.
- Not too "formal". Outside of the usual dojang ettiquette, such as bowing when you get on the mat, standing in line, etc... the place is pretty friendly and inviting.
- No contracts, and a fair price (It was about $30 when I went there a few years back, not much has changed probably).

-Big classes. Usually upwards of 20-30 students as a minimum.
- Low cieling. The cieling is rather low, only about 7-8 feet off the ground, and several pillars are liberally placed in the middle of the gym floor making manuevering a bit tricky.