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    Virginia Beach man gets 30 days for embezzling from karate group

    Virginia Beach man gets 30 days for embezzling from karate group

    By DUANE BOURNE, The Virginian-Pilot
    © November 14, 2007


    he 53-year-old owner of a Beach karate studio was sentenced Tuesday to 30 days in jail for embezzling money from a charitable organization he helped build.

    At his trial in July, prosecutors said Timothy Thompson, of Aquamarine Drive, pocketed money from the sale of bingo cards on at least two occasions last year.

    He was convicted of two counts each of embezzlement and converting more than $200 in funds from charitable gaming from USA National Karate-do Federation of Virginia.

    He will serve the sentence on weekends.

    In 2000, Thompson helped start the group, which teaches martial arts to underprivileged children and adults. Thompson volunteered to sell bingo cards and supplies. The proceeds were to pay member schools for training students.

    In April 2006, the money began coming up short, and the group decided to videotape the cashiers’ area to find out why.

    According to testimony at his trial, Thompson was seen failing to ring up sales and pocketing some of the money.

    Thompson was charged with the crimes after an undercover agent from the Virginia Department of Charitable Gaming set up a sting.

    The non profit organization has struggled to pay its bills and lost the support of some of the volunteers and karate schools, according to Ron Smith, chairman of the group’s board.

    “The ripple effect is huge,” Smith said after the hearing Tuesday. “He breached our trust. ”


    Who wants to talk about 'building character' with your 'traditional martial arts' now?
    He didn't even steal from a mcdojo, he stole from a non-profit. How pathetic.
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    Man thats low ...to steal from a non profit place . Does anyone know if he was part of the USANKF or not?

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    I hate to bring back a dead thread but I was a a part of this organization and this guy even tried to accuse me of stealing when stuff started coming up short. I was just looking for the article about him stealing and found that there was an old thread about it. I still get a little mad when I think about it.


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