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    sparring vids???? your posts are worthless drivil to those of us to far away to visit your school.

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    Quote Originally Posted by white_kimbo View Post
    post videos of sparring/training, give us a verifiable liniage, read other MABS threads, and quit being a meat puppet if you want your arguement to be taken seriously.

    saying something is true doesn't make it true. my mom owns a purple beret that she wears twice a week. is that true or not? we don't know because all you have to go on is what i say.

    you should specifically look at the SWAN ninjitsu thread* to see just why people will not take you seriously as long as you make posts like this.

    *i will not provide the link for specific posts in the thread, lurk until you find it. maybe by then you will have learned a thing or two.
    Brother, This is Robert, I dont know why you put such a negative response to my reply to a question about a good man. "I may not agree with what you have to sat but I will fight beside you for your right to say it". Im not saying Oleg is a Mystic or Magician, I am saying he is a phenomenal people person who makes everyone around him feel drawn to him and teaches in a manner that makes people of all age, race, feel good about learning fro him. I just dont understand why you speak negative about someone you do not know. I have been around Oleg and other russian Systema practioners in even in social settings that put Oleg in their list of favorite people in the arts..Even if you do bot like the things with Vadim, Oleg is not Vadim and I do respect his character more than anything. and Just to you know since you made the comment about money, Oleg has allowed me to pay him a grand total of about 250 bucks with a seminar and dvds and personal time, so for anyone says he's in it for the money are totally out of their understanding. My aikido classes were that expensive than that per month at my Internationally accredited Chudoki Aikido Federation (one of 11 in the USA) and I did those all the way until I waas belted andd then began to work in my all dans class. I mean you no didrespect and I appreciate your position, but I believe that unless you meet and train with Oleg in particular than it is a bit presumptious and unwise to include him with the stereotypes that have been listed about other people above. Feel free if you have time, to call me and talk about these matters (334)332-6650. I would really appreciate your outside perspective and hear what you have to say, as long as you can have a resonable conversation. Im very open to your opinions and Ill be open to hearing all your output and talk and I will respond to you the best I am able. Thanks for taking the tome to post.

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    Quote Originally Posted by robertyeager View Post
    My aikido classes were that expensive than that per month at my Internationally accredited Chudoki Aikido Federation (one of 11 in the USA)
    My google-fu is weak. Can you provide more info about this Aikido federation?


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