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    Question about Advocare

    Quick question for the peanut gallery. Does anyone use Advocare supplements and what is your opinion of them? Some of the pro fighters in NM use them and seem to like the results. Some of the stuff seems kind of expensive, though, so I wanted to ask the forumites before I bought anything. I'm also kind of leery about the MLM part of the company (Multi-level Marketing ie. Amway).

    Oh yeah, glad to be back on the forum. I was on the road on AF business and only had access to a government computer with an annoyingly good firewall. I wouldn't say I missed you guys but. . . . okay, I missed you guys, so there, I said it.
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    Yeah yeah we grudginly admit we like you too. ;)

    Here.....well it doesn't really help but I'm curious as well.


    Incidentally Rising Phoenix posts on WBB as well.
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