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    I think there might have been one or two more, but I honestly hate this season, so I didn't pay much attention.
    "No. Listen to me because I know what I'm talking about here." -- Hannibal

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    Quote Originally Posted by h_sh_m
    I'd definetly be insulted if these idiots felt the need to 'have a talk with me' to ensure I would corner them fairly. He's a grown man and he's Matt fuckin Hughes, do you really think he gives a **** this way or that about you two losers? The very idea that they'd have the audacity to request such a meeting with someone so much older and more accomplished is insane.
    He's their new coach, and he mocked Serra's choices, including them, at the start. He's taken out losses on his team, and seems more intent on justifying said losses, than helping his fighters deal with the ups and downs of pro fighting. There's no winning for them, in the coaching department, but I can appreciate them wanting to talk about it.

    It's shows alot of immaturity on their part. Now, I personally would've handled it in a more paternal way, but I still applaud his restraint.
    then you'd be as big a dick as huges. A coach who can't listen to his fighters concerns, and treat them as men, not underlings or hangers-on, isn't a good coach...and really isn't a coach at all. He might be a decent trainer, but a coach he's not.

    Almost all of these guys will keep fighting, UFC or about some guidance, and not smugness from an EX-champ? I see it from Serra. Huges seems like he's measuring all of them up, in case he has to fight them....that's not healthy for the team...and it puts him in a position of implied superiority and longevity that doesn't exist.

    He's like Bush, with the legacy thing, without the recent accomplishment thing. Makes me sick.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bobyclumsyninja
    He's like Bush, with the legacy thing, without the recent accomplishment thing. Makes me sick.
    I wonder if there's any correlation between Bush and Hughes supporters :gwbdance:

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    Quote Originally Posted by Teh El Macho
    Choice number one: See things for what they are, let it go, stratch the incident as a non-issue. Perhaps explain the person committing the offense what he/she is doing wrong, or simply let it pass.

    Choice number two: Be an arrogant asshole, take the sanctimonious high road and decide to feel offended.

    Draw your own conclusions about Hughe's reactions. And most importantly, draw your own conclusions on what type of a person you are.
    sorry for the late response, haven't been on for a while.

    Anyway, feeling the need to set the coaches aside to have a talk with them implies that you think they'd actually try to sabotage you with bad cornering. That's a pretty hefty charge to sling at someone. Especially someone who is both so much older and more accomplished in his field. Despite being an arrogant and not very likeable guy, i think Matt deserved a little more respect than that.

    If i was in that situation and really felt like i needed to talk to him, i probably would've done it one on one and as a 2 second thing. At least i would've waited till i actually had some opportunity to feel i was being mistreated.

    But yeah, i agree with you choice number 2 is the way to go, if you read more carefully i basically said that in my post. Ofcourse choosing to let something slide doesn't mean it isn't offensive to begin with.

    Oh also

    you dumb ****, peddle your dimestore pop psychology somewhere else. It takes a special type of ass to say, "hey if i change this and this in your post you're a dick". Yeah buddy, and in you're infinite humbleness you throw sweeping judgements left and right based on a 2 second comment where i say i can empathize with the guy everyone's shitting on. damn i used to think you were one of the smarter people here.

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