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    Quote Originally Posted by Teh El Macho

    I've heard and read the estimated total number of humans that have ever lived from different sources back in college, and it was always in the vicinity of 100 billion. Anyways, wiki summarizes it better:

    Estimates of the number of human beings who have ever lived on Earth constitute an extremely large range, with low estimates around 45 billion, and the highest estimates topping out around 125 billion. Many of the more robust estimates fall into the range of 90 to 110 billion humans.

    *** more stuff ***

    According to one set of calculations based on 2002 data:[23]

    • The number who have ever been born is around 106,000,000,000
    • The world population in mid-2002 was approximately 6,215,000,000
    • The percentage of those ever born who were living in 2002 was approximately 5.8%
    The claim often made in various popular sources that more than half the humans ever born are alive today, is therefore in all probability quite exaggerated.

    :profe: :evil6: :eng101: :profe: :evil6: :eng101:
    Damn you Teh El Macho! You've seen through my cunning ruse!

    Actually, thanks for the stats. I figgered the 50% statistic was pretty well bravo sierra, but then again, so is the idea that a certain percentage of the population is immortal.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Teh El Macho
    I suffer from acne on my triceps and sometimes my chest, and I usually get them up and running with dairy products (or when I lift really heavy, I get some zists on my lats. OTH, zinc helps me get rid of that, and I've noticed that hibiclens keeps them in check.
    Zinc, huh? Do you take a zinc suppliment or do you just take a multivitamin?

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