Southern California Pankration Team Dual Championship
Four Teams each representing their County
Amateur Pankration League rules apply

Sunday, Dec. 16th at Laguna Hills High School, Orange County California
2-6 pm

Amateur Pankration Fighters(Members of the same team, No Individuals)
over 230

Team needs matching Rash Guard and Shorts and Intro song on CD.

Possible $10 fee per competitor or $90 team fee.
Spectators $10 adults

We already have Team Riverside County, Team Orange County and Team Camp Pendleton but some weights may still need to be filled (TBA later.)

There is still an opening for one more team to represent either Los Angeles, San Bernardino, Imperial, Ventura or Santa Barbara.

Let me know asap if your school can fill a line up.
Schools active in Pankration ONLY.........