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    Question: Jamie Scuffell?

    Does anybody have any information concerning Mr. Jamie Scuffell (Lu Lu Ke) of Townsville QLD (Australia). He claims to be an inheritor of Flying Crane and to claims to be a lineage holder of the Shen Zhao Pai Fujian White Crane (Feihequan = Flying Crane) under a Master Lui Hong Shen (1923 -2002). He also claims to teach Tai Chi, Wing Chun, Tai Zhu and Northern and Southern Wushu.

    He now claims to teach "Shaking Crane" as part of his “Shen Jao Pai Athletic Association”.

    One "Grandmaster Leeroy W. Epperson III" states that Jamie Scuffell was a member of his World Combat Arts Federation but cannot supply his certification as same were destroyed in a computer crash two years ago. One “Grandmaster Edgar Livingston” states that Scuffell learnt via video! As does one "Grandmaster David Kash" of the Cloud Forest Chin Woo Association"

    Scuffell also claims to teach the Australian Military despite them having no knowledge of this individual!

    Any info would be greatly appreciated.
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