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    Firearm Training in NJ/Ny

    I live in NJ/NY and interested in getting firearms trainings. I have 0 experience and knowledge of any form of firearm so I'm total newbie. I don't plan on owning a gun or joining Law enforcement agency or military but I'd like training and looking for training.

    How would I get started? Do I just drop by gun range?

    Thank you!

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    Jersey and NYC kind of suck as places to learn how to use a firearm properly. A good bet would be to take a course from an NRA-certified instructor. The courses you'd want to take are Basic or First Steps (a much briefer Basic course) for Pistol and/or Rifle, depending on what you want to learn. Also, you might have to pay extra if you don't have a gun to bring along, I'm not sure.

    Ramsey and Princeton Junction I think are the two closest places in Jersey to where you are:

    Just dropping by a gun range might not be the best idea, unless you have a knowledgeable friend with you. At the very least, look through and memorize these rules:

    And in the fall, the Princeton University Rifle Team has practices that I believe are sometimes open to outsiders.
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