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    Quote Originally Posted by JohnnyCache
    dude, let me ask you something: Is a 1 pound steak anywhere near the size of a golfball?
    Lol. Fair point.

    JohnnyCache with common sense FTW!

    Should have thought about it more. It seemed to be accurate based on my body when I looked in a mirror, but that's obviously wildly subjective and inaccurate standard to use.

    Shamed into doing actual research, I have the (probably) correct answer now. Used this thing 'W' calls "the Google". Its the coolest.

    Looks like muscle is about 15% to 22% denser than fat. Muscle is 1.04 - 1.1 g/mL while fat is .9 g/mL. Looked at several sources, including the one above. The Muscle density varied between the two quoted sources a bit. All the fat densities were right at the .9 g/mL rate with fairly insignificant differences in the exact value.

    The best estimate is 1.06 to .919 found in the first link, since it quotes actual university studies of mamialian skeletal muscle and adipose (fat) tissue. So it appears to be a muscle is a minimum of 15% denser than fat. Which is much lower than even conservative estimates I've heard talked about at the gym.

    This estimates fit the fact that fat will float, while meat will not based on the quoted densities.

    Regardless, I still have about 30 more grapefruit sized hunks of fat on me than I want.
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