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    Four Seasons Mixed Martial Arts Gym

    I drive an hour from where I live just to go train at 4 Seasons, to take Mauy Thai classes. I want to take more but I am broke and in college. So needless to say I would not go if it wasn’t worth what few bucks I have. I have 3 (maybe 4) options of taking MT at different places, (one with a shity rep in my town). This was where I decided to go after examining the others and setting in and watching a day of classes. 4 Seasons Gym is well... Full of some nicest martial artists I have met. Most Martial Artist in my experiences are full of themselves; assholes. Not here. Everyone seems vary accepting, except for the boxing coach who is vary American Boxing mentality, but he really knows how to train the fighters like Mother Fuckers though. I know the staff and fighters treat you like part of the family, even if it might be just a marketing ploy it works on me. Their BJJ class seems extremely good, so that will be my next class after I feel more comfortable with my Muay Thai/Stand up. Then maybe I will take Judo.
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    I am taking a trial at 4 seasons tomorrow for Muay Thai. I was approached by one of the instructors when I originally went to my cities athletic club to inquire about Krav Maga lessons. He was extremely friendly and truly seemed like he wanted me to come to the gym. Not because it was where he worked, but because he was so confident that I would get the best out of it.

    Seeing this post makes me more confident that I will get the most out of it. I really look forward to finding a "home" if you will, and I am hoping this will be the place.

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    "The 4 Seasons" in my area is a fancy hotel/restaurant where people have wedding receptions n junk. So it's kind of amusing to see a gym with that name.


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