So a coworker of mine and her boyfriend are interested in coming to Judo with me. I meet the bf, and he's got weird bumps on his legs he's always picking at. I talk to him and years ago he had staph and waited to get it treated because he didn't know what it was at first. He said a doc told him he has systemic staph now, which is dormant, but system wide, and he can't spread it but it will never go away. Is any of this true?

I searched for staph info online and didn't find anything about what he said. I told him I probably couldn't bring him to Judo. ****, how does his gf not have it? They've lived together for years, they share sheets. ****, I don't want her bringing it to our mats. Hell, I should wash or burn my clothes and bathe with Comet and scrub with a Brillo pad now that I sat on their couch.

Any info would be appreciated. Espicially from any docs or nurses. Do we have any of those here at Bullshido? I know we have lawyers, LEOs, anarchists and teachers, do we have anybody in the medical field? Should I report for a good leeching?