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    freestyle kickboxing/bjj
    ok heres a little break down schedule again:

    6:55- breakfast
    10:00-12- lunch
    3:15-3:45/4:00- jogging or exercise bike
    4:00-5:00/6:00- devoted to school studies
    5:30/6:00- dinner
    7:00-8:00/8:30- daily excercise(a couple of mins streching then 30 min jog or bike warm up(always), 30 min of cardio kickboxing, and finish with ab work.
    10:45/11:00- bed time, i always drink a glass of milk and eat a banana before going to bed.

    and tues and thurs are bjj nights- 7-9

    ((ONCE A WEEK added to my nightly excercise))-30 mins kickboxing skills circuit- 3 mins of punches 2 mins of right roundhouses 2 mins of left round houses 2 mins of right knees 2 mins of left knees 2 mins of elbows, 4 mins of teeps, 5 mins devoted to footwork, and finish with another 3 mins of punches and if im not burned out i devote a few mins to unorthodox techs ie spinning back fists,kicks, elbows, cresent kicks, reverse side kicks ect ect.

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    sadness and tears
    We'll you got some choice advice here in this thread bro, take a before photo, keep us updated and see how you go.

    Good luck

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