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    Gi to No-Gi tranisition, suggestions?

    I went to my first no-gi bjj as well as a regular wrestling class, and wow. What a difference. It was like a slip and slide everywhere. I couldn't pull off any submissions, couldn't get out of someone's guard (and it's reverse, kept someone in guard forever). It was like a completely different beast from the regular gi bjj that I do.

    Anybody have any tips for me to ease the transition?

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    Do more no-gi?

    I couldn't resist. One of the main differences between gi and no-gi is the grips used. Most moves in gi BJJ can be adapted to no-gi. The trick is knowing the right way to grip with your hands and feet.

    For instance, when a move requires you to grab the fabric of the gi at a joint on the body, in no-gi you can often spread your hand open in such a way that your thumb and four fingers (fingers remain together) form a "V". Now seat the webbing between your thumb and fingers firmly at the back of the knee, inside of the elbow or inside the armpit to execute the movement. This often works better than trying to grab with your fingers where sweat is involved.

    There are far too many details involved to describe more than a few no-gi grips, so I suggest you ask your instructor for some examples of good no-gi grips and when to use them.


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