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    Meaning that he is focusing on small details and looking for absolute precision in description and that (as he said) the training is going to be identical.
    Two guys could be doing the same routine, yet they both have different claims as to what exactly said routine is actually doing and/or supposed to do. That's probably *pretty* close to what's going on here. An argument of measurement, assumptions, and intent. If everyone has a good grasp on the big picture (which many here do), then it's a matter or continual refinement. And yeah, there will be disagreement. I speak for myself, but that's what gets to me realize what I know, don't know, or thought I knew. Djimbe forced me to go back over some stuff, and in the process I stumbled upon a thing or two I didn't even know before.
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    Doc :

    I have been focusing on the Differences in Training between "High" , Middle" , and "Low" rep Training , and the Varying Results that you get by training Closer (and Further away) from the weight you can hit at your 1-Rep-Max . The variants have SIGNIFIGANTLY different results on the body , and the abilities of it thereafter . Training at 40-75% of your 1RM is NOT going to give the Martial Artists what is Ideal from his Physique , no matter HOW many people have done it wrong before us .

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