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    Quote Originally Posted by Kintanon
    Yeah, I keep seeing that every time I watch it and wondering why I didn't armbar him. If I had I might have won the second match since I wouldn't have been as tired.

    there you go. i just solved all your problems by watching for 30 seconds, lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by MartialArtN00b
    Id have transitioned to northsouth and taken an arm instead.

    If the guy had listened to his cornerman and gotten the underhook both of your options would have been a bit trickier to execute. His halfguard game was not there.

    The grip is not bad if i understand what you mean. If you transition to north south, and your grip lifts under his armpit. Itll force his forehead down the mat. From where you play from a sprawled position with your usual options.

    If you wanted to play from where you were. You could have grabbed one of his leg and flatten him on his back to get proper sidemount.
    This is interesting because I often go N-S instead formm that position. but I usually let them decide. if I can get my arm in there it usually feels like a win-win situation for me. I guess if thye had a really solid half-guard it'd be a problem...

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