I used to do Lameco Escrima and Lucay Lucay Kali in JKD. I found the attacks and disarms useful, but had problems with other stuff. I thought the unarmed destruction counterattacks against nerves and bones and muscles of incoming strikes next to impossible when you don't have telepathy and can't tell what's coming. I've found boxing counterpunches and defensive head movement way better.

I thought the dumog locks and lock flows were good, but the takedowns were questionable. I liked how they teached me to block a knife barehanded with the backs of my arms to avoid getting cut on the blood vessels or nerves on the soft inside of my arm, but I hated the slappy repeated blocks, when grabbing and controlling the weapon holding limb seemed way more intelligent.

I also wished we would've worked on thrusts and the sneaky curving thrusts of FMA more. I've found thrusts from Western Fencing one of the best weapons attacks because of the long range and speed.

Just my two cents.