Hey guys,

I don't have time to write a big review but wanted to let you know about these. If you are wanting to get fit you should check these out. These are what I use now, and they are head and shoulders above most things I've seen (and I love buying and trying out stuff like this)

The Routine

This is a combination of bodyweight exercises, isometrics, and plyometrics in order to build strength, endurance and some cardio ability. Its a great tape, and can be used when you are on the road or can't get to a gym (or when you want a break from weights).

The Lucky 13

But this is the tape/DVD you MUST HAVE.
This is a 50+ minute session taped in real time (rather than stop start so they can fake how fit they are) showing 13 exercises specifically designed to build explosiveness and cardio for fighting and mixed martial arts.

Its a combination of cardio and plyometric stuff, focusing heavily on plyometrics. I am well conditioned, but this stuff kicked my ass.

I can't recommend Lucky13 enough. You won't ever have to go looking for cardio conditioning programs again. Unless your already a professional mixed martial artist, you will be nowhere near the level this stuff presents.

Whats best is that it is all stuff you can do in your home (there is 1-2 running/sprinting sections in there, but they can be replaced with alternatives when working in limited space)

I bought these in a package which included both.

They've just released a cut down version of Lucky 13 on audio CD for $20 which is awesome.

* * *

Tony Cecchine has just made available the first of his weight lifting instructionals as well for those that are interested.
v1 focuses on chest/tri/bi.


Its on my list, but I don't have yet so I can't comment.
I have read he does strict curl over 200lbs on the tape which is just freaky.