My father, who is a self proclaimed nutrition buff picked these two things up for himself due to shoulder troubles pre-operation from someone he claims is highly trust worthy and respected. I have pretty much constant minor tendonitis/bursitis due to a ligiment condition and he dropped off these things for me the other day. I've only been taking them 3 days now, but they seem to be helping a fairly decent amount.

My question to our board of nutrional skeptics is, what do you know about this stuff? The bromelain is listed as having 500 mg of bromelain, whereas the InflamMune is 100 mg of perilla frutescens seed extract and 500 mg of perna canaliculus.

I've only done really sparse research myself, but will probably look into things more later. The InflamMune tastes god awful and leaves this rotten shellfish taste in my mouth that I burp up. I must say I'm highly surprised how well this stuff is working. I usually have some pain at rest, but it's just about all gone until I start doing something to aggrivate it. I hope it's all the bromelain, because I am about to dump this other stuff due to nasty after taste.