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    Quote Originally Posted by ForkLiftRacer
    I don't want to be an expert fighter, just be able to have the ability to defend myself and get out of a situation and survive, hopefully this can do that for me.
    This type of statement really needs to stop. Sorry you are on the receiving end of this chastising but, it is a crap statement.

    You should be working towards being an expert fighter. whether or not you achieve that skill are two separate issues.

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    It is true, left handed forms and drills.

    I vaguely remember that some people were doing "one handed form" where you pretend your other hand is injured.

    It's been a while, but I felt it was interesting that TaiYim's training style seemed to separate forms and sparring. There were people training with me that were there just for sparring, learning a form or two for fun, and there were people there for forms only.

    TaiYim is what one would I guess call "real KF"...:)


    Quote Originally Posted by jackrusher
    You were not misinformed. I'm not sure why they train so much southpaw, but it's encoded into the way they do their drills and forms. There are also some weird "cripple" forms in which the person pretends to be spastic (no, I'm not joking). It's an odd mix overall, but the school has produced a number of national level full-contact champs in the CMA scene, and Tai Yim -- bless his heart -- fought for less restrictive rules when the national san shou organization was figuring out how to judge fights.

    Also, and this is primarily directed at the HK movie buffs on this forum, Tai Yim's si-gung (his teacher's teacher) was Hung Ju Sing, who was the real life "White Haired Devil" after whom the ubiquitous film character with the long white hair is based. Hung Ju Sing killed more men than the plague.

    You'll get fit and learn as much Chinese culture as you want. In terms of self-defense, you'll learn how to fight standing up, which is good, but if you ever want to take fighting seriously (which, admittedly, most people don't), you'll need to add in some kind of submission wrestling.

    Have a great time, and good training to you.

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