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    Quote Originally Posted by hapkido_keith
    Take your Phoenix Eye or whatever crazy hand position you think you want to use to hit someone with and go to the heavy bag. Use this hand position to strike the heavy bag as hard as you can. You will figure out which ones are practical and which ones are not in short order. If you are smart you will figure it out before you actually hit anything and retain the use of your finger (they are quite useful).
    Hmmm, dude, I've been hit in the biceps and on my ribs by those. Fucking hurt. I'm also quite certain that the person delivering such blows does not do so as hard as he would with a flat fist (which does not take away the effectiveness of getting hit hard by those in a soft area, specially from a dominant position * hint: someone has mounted you and either has your back or your side *).

    It's the same argument with kicking with the shin vs kicking with the instep. Yep, the instep can break and go shitty far easier than kicking with the shin... yet, people can get knock the **** out with by someone who knows how to use them.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jim_Jude
    The extended index knuckle works good with straight shots to the face (knuckle in eye), middle finger works well with hooks to the ribs....
    Heh..dragon knuckle to the ribs is mean. Pull that on someone in sparring and they will remember it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Guizzy
    Will this thread find a home, or will it keep bouncing back between YMAS and Strikistan?

    I don't know. It's not really YMAS material and a well respected user reported the thread asking for a move. Wolf moved it to Strikestan, but Omega dumped it back to YMAS.

    Let's see whether I can slam this thread hard enough into Gitmo that it sticks there.
    Calm down, it's only ones and zeros.

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    Quote Originally Posted by hapkido_keith
    Just how the **** do you know what my training regiment consists of?
    Don't know, don't care. But you don't know what you're talking about. THAT I know.
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