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    King of Sanda?

    Hi everyone,I was looking for a web site that shows the top San Shou/Sanda fighters in the world but could not find one.I was hoping someone could point me in the right direction. Anyway my search came up with alot of video clips of top San Shou fighters just no web site to look up their records or tournament results.Here are some of the videos I found.

    Cung Le- US

    Liu Hai Long-China

    Salihov Muslim-Russian

    Eduarda Fujihira-Brazil
    part 1
    part 2

    Zhao Zi Long-China

    In this bout, former 2002 King of Sanda, Absolute Weight Class Champion, Zhao Zi Long, takes on boxing specialist, Liu Wen Bo. The action is fast and furious as both fighters exchange fists looking for the KO.

    Bao Li Gao-China

    In the eleventh fight of the evening, Brazilian Jiu-jitsu specialist, Robert Sothmann faced off against former King of Sanda Champion, Bao Li Gao. During the weigh-in, Robert Sothmann told the press that Bao Li Gao was going to need to purchase accident insurance! This got back to Bao Li Gao who vowed to stop Sothmann with a KO in the first round.

    JeongHoLee VS BaoLiGao *no sound in video*

    Ba Te Er-China
    Get ready Art of War fans! Ba Te Er, China's reigning 80 kilogram Sanda champion, will make his MMA debut in Art of War FC #7 on July 28th. A master striker and take-down specialist, Ba Te Er has been working on his ground skills by training Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu at the Beijing Jiu-Jitsu Academy. His opponent, Jing Gou Liang, is a world champion Muay Thai kick-boxer and vowed to knock out Ba Te Er standing. This should be one exciting match up

    I found all these videos of sanda champs but can not find a web site that shows who the Sanda champs are.

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    I'm not exactly sure what you're looking for. The title 'King of Sanda' is given to the winner of a specific tournament in China, so there's a new King each time the tournament runs (can't remember if it's yearly or bi-yearly).

    If you want a listing of each fighter's world rating, there's really no such thing. There are too many different san da leagues in different countries to support a single list.

    Thanks for sending along the MMA China link.


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