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    If I hadn't been out of shape and had another few minutes in the gas tank, no doubt.

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    well ****, i'm a studying the vid... With the end of the Dalmore. 1st left jab has good speed and you step in and penetrate. He isn't hurt and responds with a hook that you block with your left. Then you throw a weak right, but THEN you deliver a good right/left combo that knocks him off base and he has to tie you up and grab you to survive. Looks like the left is maybe an elbow... He bounces off the ropes/wire or whatever. You are in a cage. Yeah right, duh, it's MMA, I'd wonder how'd you could have avoided getting in a clinch because you were clearly out striking him at that range. Unless you are happy in the clinch. I only like clinching if I'm sparring Tae Kwon Do or similar arts who don't know **** about clinching.

    I guess I'll see where the rest of the vid is posted, as soon as I fix a Mount Gay and juice.

    And try not to post drunk, again.
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