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    Quote Originally Posted by SUSHI SASHIMI

    all this **** is because everyone here can give and take some **** with equal vigor.

    Except you.

    Every time you get your tail trimmed, it's sandy vag time.

    That's about the time **** like this gets started.[qote]

    Wait, so the other 117 posts didn't make a difference? Didn't derail anything? Great, awesome. You're a complete moron.

    Please point out to me where I get offended? You mean pointing out that none of you know where a woman's vagina is? How is that whiny? Are you sure I'm not just pointing out that you're all stupid?

    I'm still pretty sure you're all just griping about things I wrote in the past.

    How does it make you feel that you have to all group up against me? That none of you by yourselves could derail or "cut me down" by yourselves?

    My power is equal to ten men.
    Did your quote button just break ?

    I'm done here, I've said my bit.
    "To sin by silence when one should protest makes cowards out of men".

    ~Ella Wheeler

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    Guess which finger is the fickle one... supporting member
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    This thread is now about how our education system has failed by making every kid think they are special, even the mediocre ones.

    :eusa_shhh :5football
    If you can't laugh at yourself,
    Others will be happy to do it for you. :evil6:

    The 2 most abundant elements in the universe are hydrogen and stupidity.

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    Oh, and just for the record, I'm 22. And I think these guys are FREAKING HILARIOUS!
    Said my piece. Adios, amigos. Hasta luego.

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    Quote Originally Posted by FickleFingerOfFate
    Which moderator is responsible for running to Vince Tortelli's defence?

    'We' kick the crap out of him on a daily basis, much worse and more regularly than anyone else on this site. Who is going to champion his cause? Oh, thats right, he has a sense of humor and laughs it off, or gives it back.

    What about FantasyWarrior, are you going to go fight for him?

    How about Angry_Spastic? He's been here longer than Sirc, Ergo, He is much more valuable and important than Sirc is. Where's his white knight?

    Just Askin'
    I'm here!

    I will defend to the end the Cripple Creek Spawn's right to his life (Well, OK, I did once recommend self-euthanasia to him - but only to put him out of his misery. Honest!)


    I've no time to read back, but I'm guessing someone complained about something.

    Our minds create our reality.

    If you are offended or angry, that is a personal choice you made - and a bad one.

    Don't post or read or answer posts if you cannot treat forums as deserving little personal emotional attachment.

    The worst Bullshido can do is annoy you - nobody gets damaged.

    The best Bulshido can do is inform and educate you and call the frauds to account.

    I draw the line at children posting on Bullshido, and those with mental illness who need protection - Dave Humm, don't worry I'm watching your flanks - ugh!

    Otherwise, what's the fuckin problem? Mods should keep things legal - end of.

    As for Newbies:

    Each forum is intended to have a certain type of behaviour. A newbie, who can read the Bullshido conditions, has the option of being 'safe' in Newbietown or diving in.

    Personally, I would simply do away with Newbietown and just label them as such until they have 20 posts under their belts. Then they become fair game.

    My personal view (as if anyone gives a damn) based on experience of getting it all wrong:

    You will get ripped to shreds if you post nonsense in a style forum.

    You will get ripped to shreds if you make claims or voice opinions without evidence to back it up.

    You should (but may escape) be torn apart by hyenas if you make serious points in YMAS or Trollshido. Irony, sarcasm and bullying are creative uses of a post therein.


    There, think that covers my brief induction into Bullshido.

    Now, you watch, I'll get flamed for talking crap, butting in and being unworthy.

    Mission accomplished.

    Last edited by kiaiki; 10/30/2007 1:38pm at .

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rock Ape
    I think it's fair to say Sirc, that you've had your fair share of piss-taking (at my expense).. I have absolutely no problems with that, indeed I'd expect it on a website such as this and, I do have a sense of humour despite what you or others here might think.

    I couldn't give a rats ass if you (or anyone) thinks I'm a good or bad poster, I am what I am but, you come across, to me at least, as a jumped up teenager who's always looking for that one up man ship of - I'm better than you - My posts/threads are better than yours - I'm more important here than you etc etc etc etc etc etc ... blah blah blah.

    Now, does that get on my tits? Not really but, it is tiresome to hear that same old shite over and over again. It seems to be the guiding theme by which you proclaim your self professed superiority.
    Uh what makes you think that?

    I mean honestly, what about this first post screamed, "I'm way better than all of you?"

    I don't even know who you are or really care all tthat much.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JohnnyCache
    Also, derailment is not some binary state where you go "thread derailed, thread is now a free for all" a little back and forth or digression in a thread doesn't have to ruin it and may actually make it more organic and readable.
    You know what derailed it?

    YOU. YOU. YOU.

    You came in here and started berating us. No one follows him from thread to thread. He makes so many that sometimes you just fall into one.

    You talk about how if you constanly pick at someone then they will become "prickly" towards you.
    Sirc started with me long before I started with him. What comes around goes around. Sirc whined about us being mean to him and you felt the compunction to flex your e-muscles.

    Well big guy. **** YOU. Nobody is scared of you, nobody thinks you are awesome, nobody gives a **** about you and your bullshit psycho analyisis of the rest of us. You are just another grappling nutrtider asshole who looks down on the rest of us because we dont fit into your ideal posting habits.

    Everyone on this thread agrees that you are a pretentious asshat, who likes to think he is saving the Martial Arts world one thread at a time.

    Guess what? You arent.

    You have bashed me repeatedly with **** like "LOL you do TKD and u r a *****" There are other such glowing comments from you.
    You are guilty of the very same thing you rail at the rest of us for. Yet you come in here and act like you are above such "juvenile behavior" (your words not mine).

    So when you say "Grow up guys". Maybe you should take your own advice.

    Please see my sig for the definiton of HYPOCRISY. The word suits you just fine.
    Last edited by HonkyTonkMan; 10/30/2007 6:02pm at .

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    Dude, you just don't get it

    There's no importance here.

    It just isn't that big of a deal and you can't figure that out.

    You're actually arguing about who started it.


    Like a child.

    There is no it, you taekwondo *****.

    There is no it.

    That's what you just can't get through your head.

    You think there's this "It" with "sides" and people that are out to do this or that and get this or that person when there isn't.

    That's paranoid, dramatic, immature thinking from someone who is a too wrapped up in what goes on online. How many times do you have to be told something before it starts to drill through your skull?

    This is like talking to my ex, when she decided I was fucking someone else.

    As for my "e-muscles" and my being a big guy and trying to scare you, that's bullshit. Any time someone tries to tell you something, he's a big meanie and your just little old not-at-all-abrasive why is this happening to me Oldman, and it's SUCH bullshit, dude, you're an incredible e-dick waver so don't act like you're a six year old girl someone kicked off the swingset for no reason. If you feel threatened by me, it's because of your perceptions, not any deliberate action on my part. You ALWAYS spout this bullshit, and I'm honestly convinced 90% of it is because sometime last thursday, in the WAY LONG AGO debate on forming the style forums, I told you I thought you were a mouthy newb with nothing to teach me about fighting, and your butt is still hurt.

    Well, I revise that opinion.

    You're no longer a newb.
    Last edited by JohnnyCache; 10/31/2007 11:21am at .

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