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    Practicing outside of class

    I just passed my 5th Kyu (Blue belt) and the standards really starting to ramp up, In addition to trying to make the time to attend an extra two hours of classes a week im intrested in doing some practice at home.

    Ive toyed with the heavy bag, usually just three two min rounds.

    Ive been thinking that I could set an hour or two aside at home and work out like I would in a class, stretch, warm up, basics, combonations etc.

    But I just wondered how do most of you train in your free time at home, if at all?

    I have a heavy bag, a double ended bag (with elastics) some cheap (and light) vinyl weights a stepper machine and some space in the garden/garage at my disposal.

    How would you make best use of these in a routine more biased to TMA (I do Wado-Ryu). Any constructive feed back is appreciated :-)

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    Hmm, personally I just do conditioning stuff and lifting.

    Early morning I go running on a trail. Hell of a lot more fun than running on a flat ground. Later I go to the gym, more cardio, lifting. As long a session of stretching as I can put in; you can always improve there, and it takes work outside of class for that.

    Also some of the Ba Gua conditioning exercises are murder so I do those.

    Don't really do bag work, don't have access to one right now. So yeah just conditioning really, and strength training.

    Just started BJJ, try figuring out how to drill that on your own. :(

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    For me, I always start every morning with a least 5 minutes of stretching then 10 minutes on either the heavy bag( If Im kicking) or on the speed bag. After that I run through my paterns at least once.

    In the evenings. if class is not available that day, I repeat my mornig routine but end it with indian sprints. I also designate 2 days of the week to weight training ( isolated groups )

    This works for me, you however need to find what works for You. Your welcome of course to try my program, I am 43 and can run cirlcles around most people half my age. But thats just because Im mean, old and insane. lol.

    Hope this helps you. If you have any questions, just ask. Alot of knowledge in this forum. There is a member that goes by Teh Macho( I think, who has alot of insight on these matters as well ). Peace



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