Hi all, just saw this and just joined. I've been training at WMAC off and on for ten years (off and on due to the demands of parenting, career, life, etc.) My experience of Master Herbert is that he has a huge knowledge base and skill level as a martial artist. He thinks about the techniques, etc. he teaches and adjusts them over time as he discovers something he feels is valuable. The training at WMAC therefore feels alive to me and not stuck in time. Regarding the skill level of the students. My guess is he accepts that he teaches grown ups who have busy lives and some will strive to become great martial artists and some will strive to achieve more modest health and self-defense goals. I like the fact that he offers someting for all. There are some red, and black, belts who are uneven in their skills for sure (but not many). My experience is that this has more to do with physical limitations than anything else. Should he have promoted them? Who am I to say? The reason I keep training at WMAC is because Master Herbert and many of the instructors have a lot that I want to get. Master Herbert is no joke when it comes to his skill level and he is in the dojang all the time. He will always answer questions and come on the mat to demonstrate.

Is Master Herbert quirky? Yes. Is he a true martical artist? Yes. Does he care about teaching? Yes. Does he enjoy his students? Yes. Does he want them to thrive? Yes. If you throw in all you have will he match it? Yes. My experience at WMAC continues to be a good one. The school has its issues. I feel quite sure all do. But if you want real training you can get it here. I also very much like the other students. A great cross-section of New Yorkers.

The no touch takedown video is meant to be a joke, by the way. They're making fun of mystical martial arts crap. I've seen that video many times in the dojang.