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    What People Say About Your Nutrition Shakes

    Top things said about your protein shakes / smoothies.

    01) Raw eggs, whey, and blueberries, eh? Who woulda thought!
    02) Mmm... tastes like chicken.
    03) Remeniscent of donkey urine!
    04) No thanks! Last time it made me gassy for a week.
    05) Should it be getting caught between my teeth?
    06) It's not quite terrible.
    07) Sure it tastes a little chalky but you've got enough nutritional value to live a week off one of these babies!
    08) I can't breathe.
    09) Did I mention I'm allergic to strawberries?
    10) I like the way it sticks to the back of my throat.
    11) Why is THAT called "chocolate flavor"?
    12) Water. ****-ing bastard. Now.
    Now or never.

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    That about covers it other than the occasional:

    Are you fucking INSANE, I can smell that **** from HERE!

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    11) Why is THAT called "chocolate flavor"?
    ha ha ha
    I like that.
    My friend drinks (and eats the bars) heaps. He rates the different brands as 'least horrible' to 'most horrible'
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    Exactly! My gf always complains about the taste. Well...that's kind of the point. If it tasted like Paella, everyone would be eating them.
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    heh heh heh.....too easy...


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