View Poll Results: Who would win Pirates vs. Ninjers ?

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  • Ninjers - Dux/Kim/Dante

    6 8.57%
  • Pirates - Jack/Blackbeard/Pugwash

    49 70.00%
  • Arrrrrrrrrmehearties

    15 21.43%
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    Captain's Log: Just a little update for all my TRUE and HONEST friends out there:

    1) I am STRAIGHT! I am STRAIGHT! Get it through your thick skulls, numbskulls!

    2) My name is not Ian Brandon Something.

    3) Kacey is coming with me now. I have stolen her from the other Christian Weston Chandler.

    REMINDER: I am still the one and only true creator of sonichu and rosechu electric hedgehog pokemon

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    i thought rome wasn't built in a day

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    Sometimes I like to pretend I’m a superhero. When the mood strikes me, I’ll go to the local maternity ward after hours with a truck-full of doll clothes and cardboard boxes. I arrange the boxes throughout the ward and dress the babies in the clothes, as if they were people and we were in a mini Metropolis. I find the most attractive baby in the ward and deem her my “Lois,” or love interest. I place her and another baby, chosen at random –my super villain-- on top of the tallest box, and wait. It’s usually not long before they both topple to their tiny deaths in a vicious struggle of good vs. evil. My only Earthly bond shattered, I go berserk. At this point I start smashing everything in sight, tearing into boxes and ripping babies limb from limb. They try to flee, but they’re only babies, and they don’t yet possess the mental faculties or dexterity to escape my super wrath. It’s easy to get carried away and bring instruments into the fray, but I try and stay grounded. After all, Superman wouldn’t use weapons. This typically goes on for an hour, or until the last citizen is flattened in the city streets. I will then don a pair of eye-glasses and comb my hair, before casually exiting the ward and the chaos within.

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    lol... the things children do... You guys, c'mon play nice.
    "To sin by silence when one should protest makes cowards out of men".

    ~Ella Wheeler

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