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    Cage Wars - King's Hall, Belfast. Live free broadcast.

    CAGE WARS , KINGS HALL, BELFAST - Presented by MAX Entertainment

    The people at MAX Entertainment and Cage Wars are not fooling around as their next event Cage Wars Celtic Rage will be shown live and free on the net. Saturday October 20th 2007, Cage Wars returns to Belfast for a truly international battle. Northern Ireland versus the US. Ten fighters representing team Northern Ireland will face off against the best new talent coming out of the States in this epic clash.

    For the internet broadcast go to: http://stream02.keyone.co.uk/ut

    To check out their new intro go to:


    Full Card:

    1. Jimmy Mills vs Colin Davidson
    2. Cliff Wheatly vs Augusto Frota
    3. James Orso vs Colin Mc Kee
    4. Tim Estes vs Daniel Abrol
    5. Kalum King vs Dion Starring
    6. Lee mc Kibben vs Bastiaan Rejen
    7. Chris Stringer vs M. Angelista
    8. Peter Duncan vs TBC
    19.John Smith vs Moien Takalou
    10. Brian Kerr Vs Paul Murtagh
    11. Ciaran Kelly Vs Darren Hughes
    12. Ali Mc Clean Vs Ryan Roddy

    For more info go to:www.cagewars.co.uk

    I have no idea who any of the above are. This was also copied from another forum so I haven't checked out the links.
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    tim estes is the belt holder in the masters of the cage he holds the lightweight belt he trains out of rolla missouri at warrior gym.

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    If only I gave a **** about any of those nobodies.

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    anyone know the name of the song from the above link?or john smiths entrance music?

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    The first song is by Clannad, Celtic Moods, not sure of the 2nd altho its forrest griffins entrance music too i think so you shouldn't have a problem finding it.

    I was there! WAR Ryan Roddy and Michael, they train with me. On the off chance anyone was watching the live webcast, when Ryan's leaving the cage and a guy in a blue gracie barra t-shirt walks up to him and starts talking to him, that's me. I think I get a mention too, as I know the promoter/commentator.

    Michael Reid def Stephen Nova
    Unanimous decision

    Ryan Roddy def Ali mc Clean
    Triangle, 1.40 1st round

    Moien Takalou def Johnny Smith
    39sec 1st round. Then declared 'No Contest' due to a late stomp by Takalou

    Peter Duncan def Arman Soufi
    Armbar, 3.53 1st round

    Chris Stringer def Michael Angelista
    Guillotine, 35sec 1st round

    Brian Kerr def Paul Murtagh
    Guillotine, 1.45 1st round

    Lee McKibben def Bastiaan Rejen
    Armbar, 1.40 1st round

    Tim Estes def Daniel Abrol
    Rear naked choke, 3.18 1st round

    Colin McKee def James Orso
    Ground 'n' Pound, 1.54 2nd round

    Augusto Frota def CJ Wheatly
    Rear naked choke, 1.01 1st round

    Jimmy Mills def Colin Davidson
    Tap due to Choke, 3.27 1st round


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