On Saturday December 1st, an amatuer Grappling and Submission Wrestling Tournament will be held in Toowoomba, Queensland called "Enemy On The Floor".
This tournament will be run by the two head coaches at Rings Fighting Network Toowoomba, 'Insane' Wayne Williams and Pete 'The Bull' Hickmott. The tournament will be the first in what is hoped to be many amatuer style mixed martial rts tournaments for the Rings Team.

The basic breakup of the rules are :
1. Weight divisions of 10kg from 60kg up to 100kg+ and an open division.
2. Mens and Ladies
3. Experienced and not so experienced grapplers (still deciding how to divide - maybe by training time & not comp exp.)
4. Starting from standing position.
5. No Intentional Striking of any kind WHAT SO EVER.
I'll be there competing in the 80-90 kilo division, or 70-80 if I can lose a bit more weight by then without losing strength (I'm in the early to mid 80's at the moment).

Any Bullies want to come along, pm me, and I'll forward more info when the promoters get back to me.

Cheers, and see you there (hopefully).