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    Supplement Shortcuts

    My wife and I are fairly obsessive health nuts. We're strict on diet, exercise, and...of course...supplementation. Of course, we're on a limited budget (who isn't?), so it always kills us how expensive some of these supplements are. To combat this, we started looking for ways around the price crunch.

    For example:
    Combination Name Brand MSM/Glucosamine (500 mg each) - $24.99
    Individual Pharmacy Brand MSM/Glucosamine (1500 mg each) - $6.99/$8.99

    Name Brand "Muscle Builder" - $38.99
    Individual Pharmacy Brand Glutamine/Creatine Monohydrate - $9.99/$12.99

    Name Brand "Diet/Metabo Booster" - $48.99 (for the wife)
    Individual Pharmacy Brand Green Tea/Hoodia/Chromium Picolinate - roughly $6.99 each


    What sorts of Supplement Shortcuts have you folks come across?

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    The only shortcut I've found is to stay away from GNC. I used to buy from a local health store that gave me points (good savings), and I now switched to another chain called "Vitamin Shoppe". I can save like 15% compared to GNC just because of the points.

    The other thing I've done is what you have done: switch from brand name to generic pharmacy brand. A lof of these supplements are just mega doses of minerals and vitamin B and C (methabolic boosters are usually just ginseng, chromium picolinate and truckloads of vitamin B complex.) It's cheaper for me to get generic brands of chromium and B complex and ginger tea over Hydroxicut, for example.

    The only thing my g/f and I have had a hard time to replace is our glutamin supplement. We use one that comes with vitamin C and has a fruit flavor. It would be cheaper to go to a more generic brand, BUT we like the fact we can mix this particular brand with almost anything (gathorade, fruit juice, fruit-flavored protein shakes) without the result tasting like crap.

    Another thing we have done is to get NOXPLODE, and mix it with a generic brand of creatine monohydrate. So far, it works well for us while cutting the price almost in half.
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    I used to take sweet tarts instead of mixing dextrose and maltodextrin into my post workout shakes, but that was more in terms of convenience instead of price.

    Vitamen Shoppe is a great chain, lowest prices I've seen of name brand stuff, and I respond extremely well to their in house products.

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    I'm not sure whether or not they ship to America, but I use myProtein (www.myprotein.co.uk). Everything there is dirt cheap and you can buy bulk powders.

    The supplements are good, but not big brand names, so you get good quality stuff cheap.

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    Online supplement stores are best for pricing.

    The only supplements that require real good verifiable quality are Fish Oils. I'd probably buy those from a local store.. cuz they'd have issues being in the 100 degree celsius trucks delivered by USPS/UPS/FedEX get Nordic Naturals or antoher brand that is like kept in a refridgerated container at the store.

    also quality multivitamins is another must. cheap ones aren't bioabsorpable and you just piss it all away. check relentlessimprovement.com or uniquenutrition.net for some great quality ones.

    as for Bulk protein/everything else. buying in bulk and capping yourself saves tons of $$$
    try bulknutrition or nutraplanet

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    Macho: are you taking the NO Xplode everyday? Or just pre workout?


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