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    That's the truth. Both with the exertion and gym rat comment.

    Try sets of 12-15 reps of cleans with a weight that you can just manage. It's worse than sprints just for the pure cardio.

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    The shitty little gym I go to has one golden thing that makes doing Oly lifts worthwile...York bumper plates. Solid rubber plates specifically for the lifts. I'm usually more of a squat/DL person, but I like to throw in power cleans/clean and push press for variety. Good ****!

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    Quote Originally Posted by partyboy
    Regularly... all those lifts are great and help you get that explosive power. That's what I love about power cleans, if I hit them hard they can make me breath harder than being on a treadmill.

    I also find it funny that you rarely, if ever, see the non-MA/sport gym rats doing these kinds of exercises. Probably the reason they have arms the size of british cars but can't lean over too far because they'll break their twiggy legs.
    I just changed gyms and am seeing this in spades at my new place. Lots of "for show vs. for go".

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